Behind the Brand

At Whole Self Bliss, my purpose is to empower your wellbeing journey by providing you with holistic self-care essentials that not only nourish your body, but invite a healing and grounding experience. 

The concept of Whole Self Bliss was born from a deep-rooted calling to rediscover the lost parts of myself and uncover the parts I never even knew existed. As I grew up, I always felt inclined to peel back the layers that society wrapped around me to tap into the state of inner bliss - emotional regulation, spiritual growth, and mental freedom.   

Then I realized that I'm not in this I created a community for anyone who desires to live in optimal wellbeing and align with their higher self. A community that we can water and grow; one with shared insights and stories that have the potential to enrich our lives. 

My intention for Whole Self Bliss has always been to encourage self-love and exploration, personal integration, and to represent the nonlinear path towards whole-body wellness - obstacles and all. 

From my handcrafted herbal-infused skincare to the upcoming integrative wellness insights and beyond, everything I create and deliver is very thoughtfully curated to help you elevate your Whole Self.


Founder, Whole Self Bliss